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Essential Moss Pole For Plants With Garden Ties

Essential Moss Pole For Plants With Garden Ties

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🌴🥥Train Plants to Grow Upwards: Climbers and vines need extra support as they grow. Moss poles can provide sturdy vertical support for your plants and helps your plants grow vigorously toward the light as they do in natural, creating a wonderful indoor jungle and green garden for you. Coir totem poles have excellent water storage capacity to hold plant nutrients and water, prevent aerial roots from drying out, and allow your plants to thrive in the light just as they would in nature.

🌴🥥Widely Compatibility: These moss poles plant support are designed to train your climbing plants to grow upwards, such as monstera, pothos, philodendron, creepers, money plant, grape vine etc. Extra support is necessary for outdoor indoor climbing plants. Moreover, they are safer and more environmentally friendly than other metal and plastic supports. Moss poles train plants to grow upwards, helping them grow better and providing you more beautiful views.

🌴🥥Premium Eco-Friendly Material: This moss pole made of pure natural coir, without additives. Organic and sustainable,has high moisture retention which helps plants maintain the water and nutrition for growing better. The moss poles plant stakes with oil coated protection,made of aged eucalyptus, what can effectively isolate the corrosion of the sticks from air, moisture, soil but harmless to humans or plants. Lengthened Sharpened sticks can easily into the soil and remain stable.

🌴🥥Easy to Use, Extendable: Sharpened stakes of moss pole monstera into soil deeply, secure plant using our included plant twist ties is ok. you can insert the second tip into the top of the first to extend the length to meet the needs of plants at different growth stages. Don't worry about shaking when you stack up, our moss sticks are more stable than others.The middle of each plant stick is hollow, which can avoid the damage to potted plants caused by replacing the coir fiber stick.

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