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10G Organic Care Fertilizer

10G Organic Care Fertilizer

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product description:

Mini package , Simple and practical.
Each bonsai plant is opened a package in the soil .

Organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter and is rich in common elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It provides the required organic nutrients for various growth stages of plants, contains a large number of beneficial microbes, and addresses the erosion of other harmful bacteria, accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, has no odor, and has nutrients. Mild, long-term use can regulate soil activity, alleviate soil agglomeration, enhance soil permeability, water retention and fertility.
Use target :
Indoor and outdoor flowers, lawns, trees, and crops can be used.
1. Mix with nutrient soil when changing pots.
2, fertilization in the growing season, along the flower pot, dig the circular groove shallowly buried 3cm to cover the soil, do not directly contact the plant roots.
3, use once every 2 months, flowers can be reduced by half the appropriate amount during the vigorous growth period.

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