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3 In1 PH Essential Plant tester

3 In1 PH Essential Plant tester

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3 in1 Soil Tester Plants Flower Acidity Soil Water Moisture ph meter Acidity Humidity Sunligh Test Monitor Detector Measurement



Color: Green

-PH range: 3.5-8ph (3.5-7 acidic, 7-8 alkaline)-

Humidity range: 1-10 (1-3 dry, 3-7 static, 7-10 wet)

-Relative light: 0 - 2000lux (0-200 low, 200-500 low , 500-1000 static, 1000-2000 high)

Probe size: 10mm × 4mm × 4mm / 0.4” × 0.16” × 0.16”

Probe length: 180mm / 7.09 "

Product size: 255mm × 62mm × 36mm / 10.01” × 2.44” × 1.42”

Net weight: 58G / 2.05oz

Soil pH is also called "soil reaction". It is the acid-base reaction of soil solution. It mainly depends on the concentration of hydrogen ions in the soil solution, expressed as pH value. A solution having a pH value equal to 7 is a neutral solution; When pH value is less than 7, it is an acidic reaction; A pH value greater than 7 is an alkaline reaction.

Soil pH can be generally divided into the following levels:

PH: soil pH

< 4.5 extremely strong acidity

4.5-5.5 strong acidity

5.5-6.5 acidity

6.5-7.5 neutral

7.5-8.5 alkaline

8.5-9.5 strong alkalinity

> 9.5 extremely strong alkaline


usage method:

1. When measuring soil pH and humidity, first insert the probe into the soil as deep as possible. (10cm on)

2. Turn the key on the pen to moist, moist is the moisture key, moist is dry, wet is wet on the corresponding table, 1-3 (red part) indicates that watering is required, 4-7 (green part) is appropriate, and 8-10 (blue part) indicates that it is too wet. Please adjust the watering time according to the varieties of plants.

3. Turn the key on the pen to pH, pH is the pH key, the corresponding value on the table is 8-3.5, alkaline is alkali, Acdic is acid, and the value 7 is basically neutral. The more the number, the greater the acidity. Please adjust the soil pH according to the varieties of plants.

4. The light key is the illuminance. The measurement range is 0-2000 lumens. The larger the value, the stronger the illumination. Please decide whether shading is required according to the variety of plants.

5. When using, pay attention not to touch the stone when inserting the electrode, and do not force too hard, otherwise the electrode may be damaged. Wash the electrode after use.

Package Included:

1 * soil meter


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